“How to Reach and Retain your Female Consumer”

(Unlocking the secrets of gender psychology that drive
women’s health and wellness decisions)


Have you recently asked yourself the following question -“Why are all my marketing efforts still not reaching my most valued prospect?”

After all you’ve just increased your marketing budget by 20%. You’ve diversified your channel strategy, created an active social media presence, and launched 3 new products in the last 17 months. But still, you’re not meeting your goals.

Sounds like it’s time to go back to basics…
The basics of understanding your target audience. You know – the prospect you’re picturing in your mind each time you create a new marketing campaign.

Ask yourself the most fundamental demographics question…
Are you evaluating your sales and marketing from a female perspective? If you’re marketing health and wellness products and services this is the question to be asking.

How much does gender play a role in health and wellness decision making?
According to Marketing to Women, Health & Wellness – Women make 87 % of healthcare & wellness decisions. But 66% feel misunderstood by healthcare marketers.

Are you part of that 66% of healthcare marketers?
Rest assured, you don’t have to learn a completely different language to reach your female prospects. But you do need to understand the fundamental factors that drive women’s purchasing decisions…

When you work with “Write for Her Health”, you’re working with a content strategist/copywriter who understands health & wellness from a female perspective.

Your content will be focused on your female buyer’s point of view from SEO to final copy. Targeted to what your prospect is searching for.

Reaching the prospect who’s ready for action…
By focusing on late stage or long tail searches you’ll be drawing in traffic from the “ready to take action stage”, rather than the casual web surfer.

Transform your content from good to great…
If you’re frustrated with your results in marketing healthcare to women, we can help you transform your content from good to great. Stop wasting time getting mediocre results.

Make a connection today. It’s time your marketing content started working for you instead of against you.

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Copywriting/Content Marketing

Great medical breakthroughs are only successful if they reach their target audience.

Have you tried multiple strategies to reach your female healthcare prospect without results? Maybe you’re not being gender specific enough. Wouldn’t you like to get inside her head and understand what motivates her most critical healthcare decisions? As a health conscious yogini (that’s female for yogi) with a pharmaceutical background, my understanding of both conventional medicine and alternative therapies can help uncover your “Big Idea” and transform it into sales.
Start engaging your female prospects…

Cause Marketing

Get Caught in the Act – Doing Something Right

Everybody has a story. Who’s telling yours? And is it the story you want to be known for? Consumers – particularly women consumers – want to buy from companies they know, like, and trust. The best way to get “Likes” is not just to put up a Facebook page and collect thumbs ups. It’s doing something worthy of being liked. Then posting that on FB and getting rave reviews. You’ll engage loyal fans who are XX times more likely to become future customers.
Let’s tell them your best story…

Search Engine Optimization

What exactly is SEO and how can it benefit your site?

Content Matters. Fresh new content is what drives search engine traffic to your door. The more targeted your content, the more targeted your traffic.
Do you know what your prospects are actually searching for?
Getting the “right targeted” traffic to your site means better leads.
And that’s what converts to increased sales.

SEO – What’s in it for you?