How to reach & retain 87% of your Health & Wellness Decision Makers

Providing Healthcare Marketing to Women
At Write for Her Health we understand that Marketing is not a one size fits all thing. Balance is critical, especially in the healthcare marketplace. And that balance is gender specific.

Today’s female caregivers are making 90% of all healthcare and wellness decisions. They are educated, financially savvy, and feel misunderstood by most healthcare marketers.

Your Health Care Challenge is to serve the consumer by empowering her “do-it-yourself“persona. What she wants is more free time, cost savings, and better decision making information.

As health conscious women writers, we know how to meet women where they are. By providing the right message, the right timing, the right channel.

We’re “your bridge to overcoming the misunderstood female healthcare consumer”



BlueHS1-350x435About Angela

Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, SEO Specialist,
Healing Arts (Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist)

I studied Marketing in college and found a passion in advertising. But the fear of what happens “When Black Friday Comes” and the scarcity of jobs in Marketing when I graduated in the late 1970s, led me down a different path. I chose a safer career where I could earn a good living and a way to use the left side of my brain – the thinking brain. Ispent 30 years being a geek of sorts. However, I took every opportunity along the way to interject my writing skills where I could.

For over 17 years, I  worked for a major pharmaceutical company learning the intricacies of medical technology and the rules governing the international regulatory agencies – FDA, EMEA, MHRA.

The health conscious side of me explored alternate health in my free time, becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (PRYT).

Today I’m merging two passions – marketing and writing. I create persuasive content for health and wellness companies marketing to women. I love researching the complexities of the human body. Exploring the delicate balance between conventional medicine and holistic health.


On a personal note:
When I’m not writing, you can find me practicing yoga, kayaking down Juniper Springs, or reading. I’m one of those people who will read food labels if there’s nothing else handy.

My two favorite life adventures (so far):

  • Watching a hyena and a leopard fight over the leopard’s prey on a safari in Botswana
  • Meandering down a South Indian river at dawn observing a small village come to life

I like to dabble in creative expression at Sketch & Sip and You Do the Dishes, encouraging the hidden artist in me. And nothing beats a honey crisp apple with melted brie and glass of Toscana Chardonnay.