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Hands_Anne2_300x253What factor motivates 94 % of women’s purchases (when price & quality are equal)?
A worthy cause…

Women are driven by empathy while men are driven by envy. Women like doing things that matter. Social responsibility has become a true motivating factor in buying decisions.


Mindful consumption is considered a mark of good citizenship…

When asked which factors determine whether someone is a “good citizen”, “being a responsible consumer” ranked higher than voting.“Cause marketing is this decade’s definition of citizenship”.
-James Little, Royal Bank of Canada

The heart and soul of your company…

One out of four women surveyed found disease prevention the most compelling of all types of causes. Women want to know that you have heart. That you care about what matters to them. Not just in the products and services you provide, but in the way you demonstrate your personal values.

Engagement. Communication. Creating Good…

Purpose is driving purchases. 47% of consumers buy a cause supported brand at least monthly. That’s a 48% increase since 2010. 37% percent of Millennials report being drawn to products co-branding with cause campaigns. Women are 44% more likely to purchase from cause driven companies.

The benefits of corporate responsibility will positively affect your brand image, your employee morale, and your bottom line.
How Cause Marketing can Benefit your Company:

  • Increased sales
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased brand image and awareness
  • Higher employee retention
  • Opportunity for new strategic partnerships
  • Technical expertise from nonprofit partners
  • Training and development opportunities for leadership  and staff.

My personal cause marketing story…

I believe in sharing my abundance. “Every day – a noble cause for yoga” is the mantra of my yoga business. At Ahimsa Yoga & Wellness, we donate a portion of every dollar we make to a worthy cause. I’m proud of what we’re accomplishing in our community and in our world through strategic cause marketing.

If you’re like most companies you’re already doing it — so why not tell the world about it.

Share your humanity. Be the face of positive change your female health and wellness prospects want to see.
Let’s connect and explore your next steps to becoming a positive change in the world.