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What Does Sex, Champagne, and Chocolate have to do with Vaginal Atrophy?

What Does Sex, Champagne, and Chocolate have to do with Vaginal Atrophy?

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EVERYTHING according to Missy Lavender, Founder, Executive Director, and biggest advocate of Women’s Health Foundation (WHF).
You see, women don’t want to talk about what’s going on below the belt. Not with their doctors, their partners, or their friends. Unless of course, you indulge them with champagne and decadent chocolate first. The secret ingredients for WHF’s success with “Sex, Chocolate, and Your Pelvic Floor” for the past 4 years.
Because, every woman has something going on below her belt at some time in her life – painful periods, childbirth, menopause, prolapsed uterus, incontinence… And Women’s Health Foundation has created the space for women to address these painful issues.
When I started the research for my book Marketing Health & Wellness HER WAY, I interviewed marketing experts from all genres of women’s health and wellness. I wanted HER WAY to be a go-to guide for marketers struggling to connect with women. I didn’t zero in on a particular demographic, psychographic, or life stage.
Instead I chose women I admired that had taken a leap of faith in the communities they chose to support. And Missy Lavender is one of those women.
From a Sisterhood of Silence to a Sisterhood of Strength…
By bringing what’s going on below the belt into the light, WHF continues to support women’s pelvic health through the following channels:
• Funding innovative research towards the direction of future wellness programs and outreach.
• Providing community-based pelvic health programs (both prevention and maintenance)… relating to women in ways that are appropriate for them and in a language they can understand.
o Total Control® is just one example. A groundbreaking, program with an education component, Total Control® was created to increase bladder control and to prevent, manage, or alleviate the symptoms of prolapse. The curriculum was developed by an array of world class experts including exercise physiologists, general and pelvic physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physicians, gynecologists, urologists, and urogynecologists. Women’s Health Foundation trains instructors and licensed facilities to teach Total Control® classes, which are hosted throughout the country.

• I see you, I hear you, I feel your pain…
Acting as a Web-based megaphone, WHF serves as the community voice, increasing dialogue by listening to those in need. Becoming a bridge for patients and health care providers.
• Sex, Chocolate, and Your Pelvic Floor (SCPF)
WHF’s signature educational fundraising event for women to celebrate sexual health and pelvic wellness. The evening is organized as an intimate, interactive, informative set of presentations on topics such as female sexual anatomy, the elements of female arousal, and how to maintain a healthy pelvis through menopause and childbirth. Through a mix of gourmet chocolate, champagne, and hilarious but educational presentations, “Sex, Chocolate, and Your Pelvic Floor” provides a comfortable atmosphere that seduces women back into their bodies.

Marketing to women, especially in the sensitive area of women’s pelvic health, requires a special kind of presence. Mindfulness is considered the art of being present in the moment.
Being present, paying attention to detail, listening with empathy is how Women’s Health Foundation incorporates mindfulness into their marketing practices. And that is why I chose to feature Women’s Health Foundation in Marketing Health & Wellness HER WAY.
To help support a cause I truly believe in, I’ve committed to donate 100% of the book sales for Marketing Health & Wellness HER WAY to Women’s Health Foundation for the next 3 days…
To get your copy of even more road-tested stories and strategies from some of today’s top female marketers – including Missy Lavender – click the link below to purchase your copy of Marketing Health & Wellness HER WAY: How to Connect & Engage with Women Buyers. You’ll not only learn some helpful ways to improve your marketing, you’ll be supporting Women’s Health Foundation in their mission to transform a sisterhood of silence into a sisterhood of strength. Be a part of the solution…
To Your Health,
Angela Tanger, Author|Content Strategist|Copywriter

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