Who Says Wisdom Comes with Age?

Who Says Wisdom Comes with Age?

Hard-Work-450x338With the roar of the zip line over his blue helmet, brown eyes squinting behind black frame glasses, brow furled, a determined look on his pale white face, we watched with awe as Brian’s small eighty pound body glided into the wooden platform. And that’s his happy face, said Chris ‐ Brian’s navy pilot, older brother.

Brian was by far the bravest of our group of six at Adventure’s Unlimited in Milton, Florida. Knowing he’d have to pull himself backwards to get to the next landing if his lack of body weight kept him from reaching the platform, Brian refused to give up. I bet you $5 I’ll make it to the end. $5. He told Chris. I won’t break either.

No matter how frightened he was careening down 900 feet of zip line at 65 feet in the air, Brian promised he wouldn’t put on the hand break. And you know what? He didn’t. He held his knees into his chest and strapped on a backpack for added weight. But he still stopped short of the next platform. Without so much as a whimper, he rolled over on his back and hand over hand pulled himself in. That took courage. More courage than I had. Probably more courage than the other five of us put together.

Other than the fact that Brian was smaller in stature than the rest of the group, no one really noticed we had a 10 year old boy with us. He never whined or complained. Instead he shared his words of wisdom.

Navy pilot Lindsey decided to face her fear of heights on the zip line, so she could continue her pilot training. Brian reminded her of something our guide Dave told us. The zip line can hold 10,000 pounds. No matter how much MacDonalds food you’ve eaten, this line won’t break. It could hold up a bus.

They say wisdom comes with age. After meeting Brian last Saturday, I started to wonder about that one. Maybe we’re actually born with wisdom and lose it as we age. Brian reminded me of the story in “Angel Letters” where the little girl kept begging her parents to allow her to be alone with her new baby brother. Her parents were a little apprehensive at her insistence, but finally agreed to her request. Since they had a baby monitor in his crib, they decided it would be
OK. This is what she said to her baby brother. “Tell me about God, I’m starting to forget.”

We are born connected to spirit. What happens to us as we face life’s challenges? How do we stay connected to our source?

Maybe we just need to connect to our own inner Brian. I’m betting he’s still there. Buried somewhere under the layers of armor we’ve shielded ourselves with. I think I’m about ready to start taking mine off. How about you?

To your inner Brian,

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