Why does Self Care get such a bad wrap?

Why does Self Care get such a bad wrap?

Female-doing-self-foot-massage450x540As women, we’re natural nurtures. Maybe it’s the mother in all of us that desires to take care of the world. But what about taking care of ourselves? Often we confuse self-car with selfish. Think about it. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you possibly take care of anyone else? It’s time we shower a little more of the kindness we show to others on ourselves.

When I find myself pushing to hard, I’m always grateful for HALT – hungry, angry, lonely, tired. At least one of those is usually the culprit. That’s the time to simply stop and administer a little self-care. Not to worry. I’m not talking about a full day at the spa right now. Just stop and breathe for 5 minutes. Walk around the block, get up and dance. Move, sway, jump up and down. Make a little noise if no one is around. Do something that gets your blood flowing to release pent up toxins and emotions. Selfish? I think Not.

Self care is your best course of action. Take five, teen, fifteen – whatever amount you can spare in that moment – and nurture your own sweet soul. You’ll find yourself refreshed, invigorated, and much more capable of facing whatever is in front of you. Those five minutes are going to pass whether you choose to be kind to yourself or whether you continue to struggle. Give it a try next time you feel frazzled.

Share your take five successes below.

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